Privacy policy

We, Assure Taxation Services Private Limited at respect the privacy of your personal and financial information. We know what we are handling, and we value it more than you do. This document contains information on what data we collect and store from you, why do we collect this data, how do we use it inter alia our policies on handling the data so collected. Any changes to this policy shall be updated in our website as and when they are made. Though we bring to your notice by pushing notifications the changes that are significant, we don't bother you with all the changes. Hence, we request you to be updated with the latest policy on timely basis.

What data do we collect, and what data do we store?

The data that we collect is mostly either personal data including your name, email address, PAN number, gender, communication details, etc or financial data including your income details, investment details, information about your previous years' IT returns, bank account number, etc. We might also collect data relating to your preferences in our service domain. We store almost all the data that we collect in order to deliver our services efficiently from next time. However, we ensure that the data is stored and accessed securely. Our application permits users to avail our services for their friends, family, colleagues, etc. So, the data that we collect and store will relate to such other associates as well

How do we collect this data?

We collect the data majorly from 2 sources. One, from your input directly. Two, from the IT department through our authorised e-return intermediary. The government of India authorises e-return intermediaries to access some data relating to your tax profile including your PAN details, refund status, return filing status, your previous years' IT returns, etc. We have contracts with such e-return intermediary for collecting such information.

Purpose of collection & consequent usage of data

Our essential purpose of collecting the above data and information is for delivery of our services. The majority of personal and financial data is required to compile the IT returns. Further, all the services that we deliver are lawful and our sources are direct - The users, and the government. Apart from delivery of services, we also make use of some of this data for our internal analysis and decision making. Finally, the data might also be used to facilitate third parties in them providing other services which we think will be useful for the users.


While facilitating third parties in providing other services as mentioned above, we might share your data with them. However, we shall ensure that they have a rigid framework of security to secure the data, and a proper set of privacy policy that aligns with ours.

Security practices and procedures

Our security policy which is a combination of technical, managerial, operational, and physical security control measures ensures that your data (Our information) is secured with highest standards of safety. Below are the significant policies and practices:

  • 1. We use 128 bit SSL encryption for securing data transfers. We use efficient firewalls to block intruders. Our codes are unique and are written observing high security practices normally followed in the industry.
  • 2. We store all your data only on amazon servers (the servers with proven robustness and security). All the data that we download to our local working machines is deleted after the task is completed.
  • 3. We take timely backup's of the data stored.
  • 4. We don't allow storage devices into our work locations.
  • 5. We get our systems audited by ethical hackers on timely basis. We are tested to OWASP, WASC standard and our security consultants ensure that we are much beyond the normal safety standard.
  • 6. We have strict authorizations to our employees in handling data, and all the subordinates will be supervised by a higher cadre employee.
  • 7. Official mails, print count, etc are tracked.
Other important policies
  • 1. We handle some important communication through email and phone calls to speed up the delivery time. As long as the data is coming from you, we treat them with same importance and authority.
  • 2. We may send promotional emails, sms, newsletters, etc on your registered email address, email address mentioned by you elsewhere in the application, phone number, etc.
  • 3. Where any user's data is to be communicated as a reference amongst the employees of the organisation, we use simple email function or IM services. However, through a highly conductive organisation culture that values integrity, we keep our employees in check.
Any grievances in relation to the privacy policy can be emailed to our director at
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